New Year, New You

With the beginning of the New Year, many people have the ongoing New Year’s resolution of weight loss and physical fitness. It ends up being a repetitive goal for many, year after year saying “this year I’ll do it!”

While it’s admirable to try and achieve it on your own, most people fail because they lack a coach, accountability and positive reinforcement. Having a coach, means you have a guide and mentor to help you along the way. You have someone to hold you accountable, to make sure you’re exercising and eating properly. You have someone to discuss your failures with, because it is hard at times to break old habits. But you also have someone to praise you and celebrate your successes. Let’s face it, dieting and exercising can be grueling at times, sometimes we need that boost of positive reinforcement for the littlest accomplishment. Maybe your goal was to lose 5 lbs a week, but this week you only lost 2lbs, that’s still a step in the right direction and you should be praised for it. This keeps us on track for success, rather than discouraged. We encourage our students to serve as coaches for each other, helping each other stay on track and holding each other accountable. We work as a team and a family towards common goals.

If you’re looking to make positive changes in your life, lose weight and get in shape, get in contact with us, we can help you. We pride ourselves with changing the lives of the residents of Mahopac and surrounding areas.

Sifu Dan

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