Class Schedule

Adult Martial Arts Classes Are Only Offered in Private or Small Semi-Private Group Classes for ages 13 and up, are now held at:

The Dance Conservatory 2050 E Main St, Cortlandt, NY 10567 on Saturdays from 10:00am-11:00am

Semi-Private Group Classes are offered in Session Packages of Ten Classes, there are no “pay per class” options.

10 Sessions- $35.00/ session

Scroll down to “Private Lessons” for more information on 1 on 1 training, and at home training..

Black Belt in Health and Fitness/ Weight Loss Coaching

The Black Belt in Health and Fitness Program is designed for individual needs and goals. Therefore, the pricing structure will vary by person. You can schedule a conference call to discuss designing a program for you. Email Sifu Dan at: and put “Black Belt in Health” in the subject line.

MAA (Martial Arts for Athletes)

Martial Arts For Football Clinic

Contact us about starting up a program for your team or for a different sport than football. We can come to your school or field of choice. We have programs for Middle School, High School and for the Adult Athlete.

Tuition: $350 per person, taught in 6 week progressive sessions

Private lessons:

For our private lessons, students have a choice of our standard progression or the material can be tailored for each individual student. We can focus on topics of your choice or further develop your already natural attributes.

In Home or Place of Choice Private lessons:

In home lessons can be private 1 on 1, 2 people, 3 people, small groups, or large corporate groups. We can train at your home, at your office or place of business or outdoors.

Three benefits to training at home: 

  1. Customized for you

We design a tailor-made program, with you and your needs in mind. Not everyone in our class is the same. People have different needs. One person’s goal may be weight loss, another self-defense. We will customize a program for you after we discuss your needs and goals. Then we’ll develop a plan to reach those goals. We will keep you on track and keep you accountable for your success.

  1. Comfort of being in your own home

Maybe you have your own workout area at home, or do you prefer to stay in your own safe environment. These days we must consider that there’s health concerns being in crowds. The new reality of Covid, has caused us to make many alterations in our day to day lives. Why not stay in the comfort of your own home and train safely and privately.

  1. Convenient because we come to you

We’ll agree upon a schedule that works for each other, and then we come to you! The old “set it and forget it” motto. This saves you one of the most valuable commodities, time. You can spend a lot of time preparing for a class at the physical school. First you must change into your uniform, pack your gear bag, get in the car, drive to the school, park and then, finally, start training. The time saved allows you to focus on other important aspect of your life like family and work.

Semi-Private and Private sessions outside of your home or office, are now held at:

The Dance Conservatory 2050 E Main St, Cortlandt, NY 10567 

Tuition rates vary by number of participants and location. Packages must be purchased in quantities of 10, 20 or 30 sessions, there’s no “pay per class” allowed.

Required Equipment:

You must have a pair of MMA gloves to attend our classes. As you progress to sparring level, you will be required to get more protective equipment. Also required is a school t-shirt, for our weapons training you will need a pair of long training sticks and a pair of short training sticks ( edged weapons trainer).  You can order sticks from your choice of suppliers as well as a training knife. If you would like to get training weapons from us, see below.

What can be purchased from us:

Our uniform is a school t-shirt that can be purchased for $30.00, you also need a pair of black jogging pants. Arnis class will require a pair of sticks that can be purchased for $25.00 and a pair of short sticks or wooden knives (edged weapons trainer) that can also be purchased from us for $20.00.  You can purchase the sticks and short sticks for $40.00 and the complete package of sticks, short sticks and t-shirt for $70.00. Again, you’re welcome to purchase your training weapons elsewhere .

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Contact us for more information about our private classes and any groups larger than 3 participants

Phone: 917-565-3322